Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Contest

Olivia wanted to be in the photo contest at her dance studio, Stage Door Dance Productions.  The winner of the photo contest gets a photo shoot and will be featured in this years marketing campaign.  Her teammate, Will won the contest last year and she really wants to win it this year.  So much so that she voluntarily participated in a photo shoot at home so I would have a picture to submit for the contest.  She even went so far as to call all our relatives and asked them to vote for her.  She may not win, but I am so proud of her for her determination and interest in winning.  She has never showed a competitive edge to her before, but I guess she never found anything she really wanted bad enough to work for it. 

You are a winner to us and always will be.  We are so proud of you and you are working so hard at becoming an awesome dancer!!  Nothing is better than watching you perform. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear Olivia

My Dear Sweet Olivia,

I can't believe you are 5 years old already!!  Where has the time gone!!  It seems like yesterday that we were waiting and anticipating a new update from Guatemala just so we could spend hours looking at the new pictures and dreaming about the day you would be placed in our arms forever.  You have made our every dream come true.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect daughter.  We are blessed beyond measure!!

So, I wanted to tell you a few things about you.  So that when you are grown and my memory is gone we can read this and take a look back in time.

Not only are you beautiful on the outside you are beautiful on the inside.  You such a big heart!!!!You love your Mommy and Daddy so much and you are very affectionate to all of us. You take little opportunities to steal kisses.  When I reach in front of you to buckle your seat belt in the car you will give me a big smooch on the cheek and say, "I love you Mommy".  You melt my heart every time you say those words.  You are very attached to me and I love every minute of it.  When I went away this month for 4 days it was the first time I was ever away from you.  I know you were mad at me for going, but I am so proud of you for being such a good girl for Daddy.  I know we missed each other so much, but we made it through and we know that we will always be together. 

You are doing so well in school.  You are in the Goddard School's Kindergarten class and you are learning so much.  You are learning to read and I am so proud of you. 

You are still in dance and you are doing great.  You are on the Petite Elite Team at Stage Door Dance Productions.  So far this year you have had one competition and you did wonderful.  You forgot your smile in Raleigh, but I think you will remember it next time.  We all love to watch you dance and at home you perform for us.  You have learned how to do a cartwheel both one and two handed.  You can run dive into a forward roll and then up into a cartwheel.  Can't wait for you to take the gymnastics camp this summer.

I love your cute little voice and the cute little things you say, my favorite is when you ask for hanitizer instead of hand sanitizer.  You the perfect little child and I would have 10 more if they were all like you. 

You want a baby sister in the worst way,  she must look like you.  I do hope that years down the road when we look back on this we will be sharing it with your baby sister as well. 

I could go on and on about you.  What I really want you to know is that you are loved more than anything in this world and we couldn't be more proud of the person you are. 

May you stay forever sweet, sassy and unbelievably cute.

We love you baby girl!!!

Mommy and Daddy!!!

Olivia's 5th Birthday

All her friends getting ready to eat surrounded by Olivia's favorite color.....PINK!

I ironed on each friend's first initial and had all sorts of jewels and ribbons that they could embelish the shirt with.  They all had a lot of fun and each shirt was different.

Olivia abandoned her shirt when her best friend Bella arrived with her new baby sister Ruby.  Then she didn't want to know anything about her party from that point on.  She was only interested in Ruby. 

Lily did a fantastic job decorating her shirt.

So did Bella.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Delicious strawberry cupcakes!!

Time for dress-up.  Olivia's favorite thing.  She wanted a princess dress up party, but she already did that, so I came up with the idea to have an ooh la la dress up party, with beads and different hats, skirts, sunglasses and boas.  they had a blast. 

I painted a picture frame that I had so they could pose behind it.  They loved it. 

Victoria, Lily and Kelsey

Tom got into it too.  All men have a feminine side, especially when it comes to playing with and making their daughter's happy.

Gift time. 

Finally after the party, Olivia decided she would dress up.  so stylish.


Very cute, if her hair wasn't messed up this would have been a great picture to put some actions and textures to.  Love that smile

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Another Christmas, come and gone!  Christmas is so much fun with a little one.  Olivia visited Santa for the first time this year and not only did she tell him she wanted American Girl doll, "Julie" and Julie's 70's bed, but she colored a special picture just for him and he loved it!

  Christmas morning Olivia woke and came to our room with her dolls, Lilly and Molly.  She asked them if they were ready to meet their new sister, Julie.  She said they were very excited to be getting a new sister.  When we went down to see if Santa had brought Julie and her bed she thought we opened the bed because I didn't wrap it.  She didn't notice Julie in the box at first, but when she did, she was so excited! 

All ready for the morning!!

She dropped both Lilly and Molly on the floor and then ran to pick up Julie.  She hugged and kissed the box.  She was so happy to have her.  Once she was removed from the box, she had each of her dolls, Lilly and Molly give her a hug and say hello to their new sister.  Even though they are her babies, Olivia said that Bill is not their Grandpa, because Grandpa's are old and he isn't old.  He is flattered, but I told him not to get used to it because one day she won't be telling him that. 
 Meeting Molley

 Meeting Lilly

Picture and frame that she made for us at school!
 Julie and her sisters at the table for dinner Christmas day.  She stacked books and boxes on a chair so Julie was high enough to reach the table.

 The aftermath of opening presents. 

 Josh and Olivia

 Matt, Josh, Steve, Michael


 Debbie and Mike

 Michael's gifts wrapped once again in various duct tape.  A knife is required in order to open them.

 Yay!!! Princess memory game!  She left hers at the beach this summer and she missed it.

 Very bright sweatshirt!!

 Very cool working washing machine for her doll Julie!

 The rest of the pictures are outtakes and few good family pictures.  I had to include the outtakes cuz they are pretty funny.  
Not the never ending positions of Debbie's head.  She's trying to find her good side. 

This was a great Christmas!  Now on to 2012.

Olivia Talking

Thank you Shannon for the great idea of filming the DVD while it plays!! This will have to do until I get the proper program. The quality is not very good doing it this way but it's better than nothing.