Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Contest

Olivia wanted to be in the photo contest at her dance studio, Stage Door Dance Productions.  The winner of the photo contest gets a photo shoot and will be featured in this years marketing campaign.  Her teammate, Will won the contest last year and she really wants to win it this year.  So much so that she voluntarily participated in a photo shoot at home so I would have a picture to submit for the contest.  She even went so far as to call all our relatives and asked them to vote for her.  She may not win, but I am so proud of her for her determination and interest in winning.  She has never showed a competitive edge to her before, but I guess she never found anything she really wanted bad enough to work for it. 

You are a winner to us and always will be.  We are so proud of you and you are working so hard at becoming an awesome dancer!!  Nothing is better than watching you perform. 

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Donna said...

WOW!!! THose are fantastic pictures - she sure was an excellent little model for her contest! She is adorable!

Olivia Talking

Thank you Shannon for the great idea of filming the DVD while it plays!! This will have to do until I get the proper program. The quality is not very good doing it this way but it's better than nothing.