Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Another Christmas, come and gone!  Christmas is so much fun with a little one.  Olivia visited Santa for the first time this year and not only did she tell him she wanted American Girl doll, "Julie" and Julie's 70's bed, but she colored a special picture just for him and he loved it!

  Christmas morning Olivia woke and came to our room with her dolls, Lilly and Molly.  She asked them if they were ready to meet their new sister, Julie.  She said they were very excited to be getting a new sister.  When we went down to see if Santa had brought Julie and her bed she thought we opened the bed because I didn't wrap it.  She didn't notice Julie in the box at first, but when she did, she was so excited! 

All ready for the morning!!

She dropped both Lilly and Molly on the floor and then ran to pick up Julie.  She hugged and kissed the box.  She was so happy to have her.  Once she was removed from the box, she had each of her dolls, Lilly and Molly give her a hug and say hello to their new sister.  Even though they are her babies, Olivia said that Bill is not their Grandpa, because Grandpa's are old and he isn't old.  He is flattered, but I told him not to get used to it because one day she won't be telling him that. 
 Meeting Molley

 Meeting Lilly

Picture and frame that she made for us at school!
 Julie and her sisters at the table for dinner Christmas day.  She stacked books and boxes on a chair so Julie was high enough to reach the table.

 The aftermath of opening presents. 

 Josh and Olivia

 Matt, Josh, Steve, Michael


 Debbie and Mike

 Michael's gifts wrapped once again in various duct tape.  A knife is required in order to open them.

 Yay!!! Princess memory game!  She left hers at the beach this summer and she missed it.

 Very bright sweatshirt!!

 Very cool working washing machine for her doll Julie!

 The rest of the pictures are outtakes and few good family pictures.  I had to include the outtakes cuz they are pretty funny.  
Not the never ending positions of Debbie's head.  She's trying to find her good side. 

This was a great Christmas!  Now on to 2012.

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Olivia Talking

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