Saturday, March 3, 2012

Olivia's 5th Birthday

All her friends getting ready to eat surrounded by Olivia's favorite color.....PINK!

I ironed on each friend's first initial and had all sorts of jewels and ribbons that they could embelish the shirt with.  They all had a lot of fun and each shirt was different.

Olivia abandoned her shirt when her best friend Bella arrived with her new baby sister Ruby.  Then she didn't want to know anything about her party from that point on.  She was only interested in Ruby. 

Lily did a fantastic job decorating her shirt.

So did Bella.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Delicious strawberry cupcakes!!

Time for dress-up.  Olivia's favorite thing.  She wanted a princess dress up party, but she already did that, so I came up with the idea to have an ooh la la dress up party, with beads and different hats, skirts, sunglasses and boas.  they had a blast. 

I painted a picture frame that I had so they could pose behind it.  They loved it. 

Victoria, Lily and Kelsey

Tom got into it too.  All men have a feminine side, especially when it comes to playing with and making their daughter's happy.

Gift time. 

Finally after the party, Olivia decided she would dress up.  so stylish.


Very cute, if her hair wasn't messed up this would have been a great picture to put some actions and textures to.  Love that smile

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Olivia Talking

Thank you Shannon for the great idea of filming the DVD while it plays!! This will have to do until I get the proper program. The quality is not very good doing it this way but it's better than nothing.